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Indivision ECS will stay as it is right now. It's a known-good design and does not require any changes. There is no need for DVI, as ECS is just 12 bit colour resolution. Higher screen resolutions are not of any use, as the speed would be way too slow. Even now people are crying out for faster chipmem access, which is only offered by the A3000.

So no, "Indivisiion ECS MK2" is nothing I even think about. You guys keep complaining about the "high price" of the ECS flickerfixer, and I barely managed to get it under the magical 100,- EUR barrier. And only a few months ago, people started to realize that it's more than just a flickerfixer (P96 driver!), and sales started to pick up again. Why would I increase a price for something that people already see as "expensive"? And what useful features would have to be added? To me, that development is perfect. It's selling, it doesn't cause too much trouble in customer support, and finally, after about three years in the market, it's making me some money. It would not be wise to change anything on such a product.

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