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Floppy disk XAMOS - new cross-platform rewrite of jAMOS

I present my very latest AMOS BASIC reimplementation.

XAMOS (Cross-AMOS) is a complete re-write of jAMOS in C++ using SDL libraries and Boost headers.
The initial release is alpha 0.23, based on the corresponding jAMOS version number.

This initial release is run-only and does not feature an editor at this stage. However, it is compatible with almost all programs created with the latest jAMOS editor. All jAMOS examples (without AMAL) are running in XAMOS, often with a serious speed boost over the Java original, particularly on low-end platforms.

AMAL is not yet implemented at this stage, although some groundwork has been done and this is planned for a later release. The planned AMAL subsystem for XAMOS will be called XAMAL.

Binaries are provided for Win32 (tested on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview) and Linux x86 and x64 (tested on Ubuntu 12.10). Both archives contain batch files for the relevant system for launching the included examples.

Enjoy the latest AMOS BASIC reimplementation.

Get it here!

Update: 64-bit Linux binaries are now available.

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