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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
Don't get me wrong, fs-uae is really great.

But you can't do configuration inside the gui atm. (Do you remember my question about this?) Therefore you can't use your PC as an Amiga media center with fs-uae where you can entirely skip the whole Linux stuff and boot directly into the emulator. You still need to edit configuration files. p-uae and e-uae have a mask where you can select Kickstart version and such without ever leaving the program, just like WinUAE.
OK, I understand what you meant know -I thought there was some link with the "popup dialog" sentence and the one about fullscreen. (I.e. you cannot start in fullscreen because...). But anyway, starting also FS-UAE in fullscreen should be unproblematic.

But yes, you are correct about the configuration thing, you would rather have to boot to a launcher if you want to change settings such as Amiga model or kickstart. Of course, there is the new launcher (development version, in progress), and G-FS-UAE. So you could start one of those instead...

If you want to start the Amiga automatically with a default configuration, and still have the possibility to make hardware adjustments, you could start:
So when you quit FS-UAE, Linux starts the launcher (of your choice), and you can from that one re-configure and start FS-UAE again. Not saying this is the perfect solution, but it would work more or less like opening a popup dialog in (other)UAE and resetting the Amiga.
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