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Getting a hold of DiscreetFX?

Where to begin with my issues...

It all started because I decided I wanted to play around with a Video Toaster. Ended up ordering one from DiscreetFX when they had a bundle deal with Aladdin 4D. Ordered it, waited patiently for it to be sent to me, then realized too late that my Paypal account was still set to my parent's house. They finally received it, then delivered it to me.

That was when I had realized that I couldn't even put it in my A4000D, since I have a Mediator board in there (unless of course I wanted to swap out the whole board every time I wanted to use it). So I talked to Pyromania that works there and he said that they had an A4000D sitting around that they could part with for 300 bucks, I said that I would then half to find a flicker fixer, unless he could get a monitor, then I couldn't really justify it. So he found a monitor that he said he'd throw in for free.

So after 360 bucks (60 bucks for shipping that beast. Ouch!) I waited, and waited... it took about 7 months of us bouncing messages back and forth.

Finally I got it (after they had to fire their shipping intern 'cause he had been sitting on the package for all that time..) I received the monitor first, and it was caved in in the front. So I tried to power it on and all I got was an arcing tube. Took it to an electronics repair shop, who told me what I already knew, and said he couldn't fix it because he'd have to find an identical tube for it (35 bucks for nada).

When I received the A4000D, it had no cover on it, no keyboard, battery damage, the A3640 was loose and rattling around in the case, and there was a 3GB hard drive. It was just horrible.

So Pyromania said to send it on back, which cost me another 45 bucks, and I sent it along with the Video Toaster, he said I could keep the monitor, which does me no good since it's toast.

He state that they received it on 3-10-2012. Then let me know that it'd take 30 days to receive a refund. Well, it's now been 72 days, no refund.

I've now tried emailing, waited a few days for a reply, I've left private messages for Pyromania here, I've sent him emails via this site, etc. I called them up today and left a voicemail.

Anyone know of any other methods for getting a hold of them? Without counting shipping and handling, they owe me about 430 bucks, which I'd like to spend on some ZorRam or something.

Arrrgggh, talk about frustrating. Haven't had this many issues with ordering something since the days of the 8-bit when we ordered Lords of Conquest and Racing Destruction Set for our Atari 800XL and about after 8 months we finally got Lords of Conquest (so long we'd forgotten we'd ordered it.) and we never did receive Racing Destruction Set (they said they were out of stock the whole time).

Hmm, maybe I should let off some steam by playing some RDS!

Please help!!

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