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How to make a Linux/UAE System

Hi, I have seen some packages that boot Linux directly into UAE, and are installed in CDs and USB sticks, and I am thinking to do the same for my USB stick but with my own hard-file. This way I dont need Windows anymore in my HD to play with it (I dont will throw Windows out, it is useful yet).

I dont know if this is a easy thing to do, or if there is any ready-made cd/usb installable distribution to me hack into it (Knoppix?)...

Anybody can say to me how its done, where are the bits and pieces that I would need? There is a guide on the net about how to make it?

I have some experience with Linux from 2000 when I installed it on my computer, and compiled the kernel, but I dont know what has changed since then. Since that time I didnt used it anymore.

For example, at that time, the framebuffer was slow and unstable, and I could not use X-Window with it, but and now? UAE can run on the framebuffer directly or need to be used with an X-Server? What is the best option for size/performance/compatibility?

Is there a simple way to copy the contents of the Knoppix distribution to a USB stick with 4 GB, without the need to burn a dvd of it first?

There are so many questions, I know, but somebody can help me?

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