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Source for hi rez disk label scans and box artwork?

My mrs invested in a nice colour laser printer and i managed to get a pack of 10 PressIT floppy labels (1500 odd labels in total!) for a tenner, so i thought now's a good time to touch up my floppy collection

I'm now trying to find a source of high rez scans of various floppies for coverdisks and applications that have damaged labels/disks I want to restore.

AMR has scans for the coverdisks, but they're really low resolution which turn out pixellated when printed.

I'm also looking for the workbench 3.1 main disk label. my original disk died and so i had to pick it off and put it on a new formatted disk, but it looks gash and got a bit torn in the process would also be nice to have the other labels so i can relable my backups but dont have a scanner

also looking for ideas/labels for the original games I have that are simply white print on blank blue plastic of the disk. Worms for example. the coverdisk for the worms demo on Cu Amiga is way more appealing than the original disks i have in the box in plain blue with white print LOL, so I'd like a colourful backup for it and a few others I have.

i guess my photoshopping skills will have to be put to use but finding a good resource in high resolution is being a bit troublesome.
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