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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post

I cant remember my password so rather than going into the other room to jump on my Windows box to retrieve it from my hotmail account I thought Id respond here (only have my a1200 and amithlon boxes online in this room, so cant access hotmail).

I finally got Boom working, albiet a little quirky. The crash was caused by having sound enabled, which kind of makes sense now that I read it doesnt support ahi. I can hopefully use nuldehpah or similar, so that's not a problem. What is a bit of a prob. though is that it still only occupies the top half of the screen, and is squashed. Is there some way to select a screenmode, or will I have to mode promote it?

If I'm not too tired from my bike ride today, I'll try BOOM again on my Amithlon Machine when I get home. I swear that last time I had a DOOM wad in the directory, though I think it was UDOOM.WAD which BOOM does not recognize without a name change. Maybe that's what the problem was.

Anyhow, I'll fire up nuldehpah (or related) and see if I can get sound going as well. Till my CPU Apollo board gets back to me, I won't be able to enjoy this on my real Amiga, though it does seem to run pretty well (aside of sound delays) in WinUAE (PUKE).
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