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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
[ Show youtube player ]

Cool!!!! And thank you!!!

Just out of curiosity, did you happen to play further than you did in the video? The reason I ask is because up ahead in that map and the others, the map really pushes classic DOOM to the edge, and I was wondering if those parts of the map caused a crash. I.E. the crate suspended in air.

I know the old XBOX port of Vanilla DOOM could not load this at all (though the XBOX port of Odamex does), so the fact that your 1200 does in fact run it is a good sign indeed!

BTW, I didn't fully understand your accent, but did you refer to Suspended in Disk as a Total Conversion?

For those reading, it is a partial conversion, no new enemies or weapons are present, but here are new textures....

From the DOOM World review:

"Doom has recently turned 12, and it seems like only a couple years ago we were swapping shareware disks because "You have to play this game". In that time we've see almost everything there is to Doom: pacifist Map07, glass floors and ceilings, and the advent of powerful ports. Yet, from time to time, a map comes along that still blows me away. Espi's Suspended in Dusk is that map. If I had seen you playing Suspended in Dusk and you told me it was running on Doom2.exe, I would tell you to get out... probably to make me a sandwich. Espi has squeezed every last ounce of what the Doom engine is capable of to give us this masterpiece. Sliding doors, 3D spacecrafts, blown open walls, floating crates... this sounds like a checklist from a JDoom or ZDoom mapset, but you would be wrong to assume so. Suspended in Dusk's largest saving grace is the plethora of textures and new artwork. It's no surprise that a map by Espi would feature breathtaking visuals, but it's impressive just how well they mesh with the already available stock Doom textures. Creeping along platforms that appear to be "suspended in dusk" and rising above bottomless chasms with broken pipes hanging around you is an experience I cannot describe; you must experience this wad for yourself."
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