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Originally Posted by CFOU! View Post
i am testing PAL/NTSC mode on indivision

i thought scrolling was not smooth becauce indivision AGA used PAL mode by default to 60 hertz and not 50 hertz for vertical synchro.

So i have tested Bckid & Turricna 2 in Ntsc thinking it'll be smooth because NTSC mode use 60 hz v-sync.

but it's no smooth for turrican 2 and Bc kid have 'Wave bug" and many gfx bug?

why is not smooth to 60hertz ???

have you idea of the gfx bug in Bckid in NTSC?
Because it's 62,5 Hz (PAL) or 75 Hz (NTSC) right now. Wait for new core.
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