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Superkickstart 2 ADF needed!

Hi all,

I bought Amiga UNIX (tape & drive) from eBay a while back, but my early A3000 (Kickstart 1.4Beta!) needs a SuperKickstart 2 floppy to be able to boot from the AMIX install floppies (its OS3 kickstart is hard-drive based normally, so I obviously can't floppy-boot after doing things that way; even if it rebooted into OS3.x afterwards, I'd have to then disconnect the hard drive and put my other SCSI drive in to install AMIX on!).

I can't even boot the AMIX install floppies until I have this, so does anyone have an ADF version of the disk? It would be much appreciated! (I doubt there are many working originals out there.)
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