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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
This external drive is not connected with USB but with some special connector, I can not recognize it.
Does the external drive connector look like a Centronix printer or SCSI port?

It's quite possible that this port is actually connected to the same floppy controller as the internal drive. It would be useful to know the external drive port pin assignments if you don't have an external drive with a suitable cable.

I have an old Amstrad laptop with an external drive port of this type, but I do not have a suitable external drive for it and the handbook contains no details of the pin assignments, unfortunately.

And, BTW, is your old Toshiba laptop not fast enough (Pentium 90) to run ReadADF?

Originally Posted by seuden View Post
prowler, I find myself always reading your posts about this stuff, I have no clue about it but always find it intriguing. I think it's because you know an awful lot about it and I'm fascinated by your knowledge. Same as the sps guys.
Hey, I'm not in the same league as the SPS guys, you know. I have more luck with this stuff than real knowledge.

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