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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Your still going to have to hook the sound to something, the sound isn't a part of the stream over the HDMI cable, Kipper2K just selected a pair of unused wires, and made them available to the user, so they can hook the audio up inside the Amiga. It saves you a cable from the Amiga, and over to the media corner where the TV, and stereo are, but you still need to hook the sound up the same way you would if you had drawn a separate cable for the sound. It's all about neatness.
It's just a cable, i don't see much use for this sort of adapter, but then again it's just my opinion, still a good job

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Sorry Jens/Amigakit, it wasn't meant to be taken 'seriously' as it did come in a 'box' just not an Indi box. I did indeed get what I paid for, including the manual, so Amigakit did a fantastic job of getting that sorted and delivered so just don't take my comment too seriously Also, Amigakit do not need to explain why it was shipped like it was, the main thing is it arrived, it works and it rocks!!
When i bought my E-Matrix accelerator card it came with a individual computers box that said "Indivision" , it's just a box nothing more.
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