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Well I play retro games , mostly c64 (very rare) Amiga, and MAME. Nothing beats the true arcade titles with MAME to me.

I do have an Xbox 360 I only have 2 games for it! Fifa 2011, and Fifa 2012 lmao.. To me most of the other games truly are theh suckage. Alot of HD sprites running around, usually invloving killing someone or something at a epileptic inducing speed is not my idea of "fun"

At an amiga meeting a few months back this guy brought his 10 yr old son. Well he has an xbox 360 with tons of games and I put him on the Amiga 500 with Turrican and he was in heaven!

Young kids arent even neurolgically developed enough to digest all that information on screen. If you remember childrens games were always lo res low impact.. not not. Well there is much agenda behind that but that is a story for another day..

IN general though, if you play more than 2 hrs a day in games i feel like its a waste of time. Our lives are precious and so is time.
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