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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
That should not happen. Both Vesalia and AmigaKit requested shipping of the first pre-orders in "bulk" in order to save shipping cost (these days parcel services charge for volume, not so much for weight).

"bulk" means that boxes were shipped flat and the contents were wrapped in protective foil only, which saves lots of space. It does NOT mean that any of the contents were omitted; all contents were shipped to resellers in full quantity. Only one exception: The shipment to AmigaKit was made before the English manual was available, and the agreement was that they will print the manual when packing the flickerfixers. According to tracking, the English manual was available before the first shipment arrived in Cardiff.

You've all paid the same price, and you all deserve the retail packing, as it is part of the product. I can see that prices in auction houses are higher if the original packing is included and in good shape. Please contact your reseller if you did not get the retail packing. Also, please think economically: don't just request the box, but keep your request on file until you order next time. It would be a waste to ship an empty box, and the thought of "community" includes not to insist on your right, but also to view things from the other side. Vesalia and AmigaKit are part of the community, so please think and act economically, so they can continue their support for all of us.


Sorry Jens/Amigakit, it wasn't meant to be taken 'seriously' as it did come in a 'box' just not an Indi box. I did indeed get what I paid for, including the manual, so Amigakit did a fantastic job of getting that sorted and delivered so just don't take my comment too seriously Also, Amigakit do not need to explain why it was shipped like it was, the main thing is it arrived, it works and it rocks!!
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