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I don't have a fast ATA on my 1200 and i hear all this problems about rising it the correct way, it's very simple to increase the legs from those Rom risers, in case you guys aren't able to get your hands on long leg risers. I was able to test my theory when i acidently broke one of the legs of my 500 kick switcher.
If you have a steady hand with the soldering iron yon can use some resistor legs to solder them to those rom risers and it works pretty well, you just have to heat the iron well before you use it and with very little solder just touch with the iron on those legs(about 2 sec.) till a drop of solder falls, and it should grab firmly.
It's a very pacient job but it's a solution, and you can choose how higher you want those risers.
In case you can find rounded long legs rom risers then forget this.
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