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Originally Posted by Hellrun View Post
I do not intend to MIDI OUT from the Amiga, just purely use a MIDI keyboard as a controller for a tracker so I can play using samples/instruments.
Ah, I'm with you - OK that's easier. Like I say, I *think* ProTracker can do this, but I'm not 100% sure.

Perhaps a MIDI interface rather than a module then. I own a Roland MT-32, I'm assuming the Yamaha model you mentioned is a similar multi-timbre style MIDI module?
Yes, that's right. And yes, in that case a MIDI interface is what you're after.

The "ultimate" MIDI interface is the TriplePlay Plus, which supports three independent MIDI Outs, but for what you want pretty much any Amiga MIDI interface should do.

Please let me know if I am not making sense. I read a post from yourself regarding a Project XG that was published on CU Amiga back in the day, I'm assuming this is what you were mentioning above?
That's right.

Not sure if this is purely for processing MIDI files via this card or if it is used as a MIDI signal path i.e IN/OUT to the Amiga.
MIDI Out from the Amiga goes into the card, which then acts like a MIDI Tone Module (MT32, MU-10, etc.) and generates the sounds - the improved version of the project I posted on Amibay also has a passthrough MIDI Out, which just sends a second copy of the MIDI Data to any other attached MIDI devices, and also a MIDI-In for connecting external keyboards, controllers, etc. In other words, it's a MIDI interface with built in tone module. It'd work for what you want, but it'd be overkill!
(The original CU-Amiga ProjectXG didn't have external MIDI sockets, BTW - it was purely to interface the Waveblaster card to the Amiga's serial port.)
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