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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The German word would be Fächerscheibe. Maybe you can find a good translation with the DIN, which is 6798.
Fan shaped / serrated washer, well, at least you knew which one i meant. Thanks. Who knows i might remember it until the next time i need to use the name...

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Since there's no moving parts, it should be safe to keep it that way. Should you get the chance, it might be a good idea to increase the distance between cable-shoe and capacitor.
I decided it was safe to leave it this way, there is 1+mm clearance from the top of the capacitor to the cable shoe metal ring part, and the plastic crimped part has about half a mm clearance to the side of the capacitor. Admittedly, it's a winged guesstimate, i got nothing i want to use to take down a real measure, start prying with some metal blades to find the size of the gap seams insane. I guess i got lucky, as i said, the other cable shoe had the plastic end up on top of the capacitor, so all i needed to do was swap end, and i got away with it.

As i said, i intend to put a thermal transfer pad on top of the whole thing, justifying it with the notion that it should help transfer whatever heat the indivision can suck up to the RF shield, and let it act as a low performance convection heatsink. Aside from the actual heat transfer being pretty crippled seeing as all the heat it can transfer has to pass through the legs of Lisa, (so the usefulness of the pad might be debatable) there shouldn't be any other concerns with it, should there? (The pad is, of course, not electro-conductive.) I'm hoping the pad will help keeping the heat down, so i wont need to add a fan hole, and mountpoints, to my RF shield. At this rate, it's just wishfull thinking, i have yet to do any tests even showing heat is an issue, so it's just a precaution.
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