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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Yeah, that was a tight fit. Not so much due to possible short-circuits, the feather washer (? is that the right name)
The German word would be Fächerscheibe. Maybe you can find a good translation with the DIN, which is 6798.

Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
but the connector on the other end had the plastic further towards the connection point, and it was at risk of breaking the capacitor lose, or possibly crush it.
Since there's no moving parts, it should be safe to keep it that way. Should you get the chance, it might be a good idea to increase the distance between cable-shoe and capacitor.

you'll be able to make all the required adjustments with the config tool. I know it's hard waiting, but I won't waste any more time with test-cores, as these just delay development of the component that you *really* need. Sidenote: iiyama doesn't always display that message; it depends on the model. My favourite is my iiyama MA203DT, which syncs to just about any frequency between 40Hz and 170Hz. The perfect testbench for cores that are way out of range ;-)

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