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Sorry, i should have clarifyed. It works perfectly fine. I have the intention to add a thermal transfer pad between the card, and the RF shield, but for now it's good as is. Doesn't work on my TV, regardless of if i use the VGA, or HDMI/DVI input. However, works perfectly on a VGA monitor. So, me, like so many, is set up to wait for some configuration tools. No pressure.
;- )

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
1. the RF shield might touch the pins of the socket
There is at least 1,5mm clearance anywhere over the card.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
2. the cable-shoe might cause a short with the capacitor right under it
Yeah, that was a tight fit. Not so much due to possible short-circuits, the feather washer (? is that the right name) but the connector on the other end had the plastic further towards the connection point, and it was at risk of breaking the capacitor lose, or possibly crush it. Of course, i didn't think to look on the "back" until after i had it pushed on the board, and i didn't want to pull it of again, risking to make it sit worse later on. Perhaps i could have attached it neater there, and not have had to cut to make it fit. But this wasn't bad, really. You built good.
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