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I didn't have much time today, and I only have a pair of sockets. The others I've got with long pins are square ones (very thick).
I've opened the parcel with the Indi and I think I don't need more than a pair of sockets to fit the Fast Ata with it.

I've got one sanded around 1mm and the other untouched, so I've got some angle. I've twisted the pins of the Fast Ata under it and I've put some tape.

The ground cable will be connected in the other hole of the Indi.

Hope to have time to try it, but I think this has to work:

Have to try the Indi connector (edit: I can't this way) or the Kipper2k's one.

Edit: The problem here is that the original connector is thick as a brick (10mm), and I'll only have this way around 3mm between both boards. How thick is your connector kipper2k? You said it was thinner. Weren't you going to show some photos? And I'm bad with inches. 7,46mm in total, so 3,73mm each side? Minus the board height to know the room there?.

Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
i just received my 20 pin edge card connectors and i believe i can mod them so the cable does not add to the height of the connector which should reduce the height by about 0.075 - 0.100" (inch) which would be good for those people with the sata ATA. I'll show a pic later

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