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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
in that picture i'm using two rom sockets (fixed to underside of the ata) and a single strip of pins at the side to the rear to give the ata the correct angle to clear the keyboard and the indivision.
I really like how you angled that. Very cool! I'm not that clever

this is how I got mine working. I butchered the FastATA.

I have been taking my 1200 around and trying it with different monitors so nothing has come apart so far. I have a notebook case for a toshiba 18.4 notebook and it can actually accept the 1200 and my apower power brick.

Eventually I think I'll get the IDE Express.... much simpler

So far I have tried several different monitors and the only one that worked right in all modes on the DVI was a samsung, and it looked really nice

I think Indivision AGA MK2 should be product of the year!
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