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So today I snapped my Indi in place, crystal clear picture Of center a bit but nothing to speak of. Some heat but no crashing so far. Haven't got around to cutting and replacing the RF but will get there soon enough. Sensi plays great but the FPS seems to be on the low side, will try with other core soon. Lemmings plays great, especially now that I also recieved my MicroMys so I can replace the "so and so" Cocolino.

A1200 with a 2B(?) board and equiped with Blizzard 1220/4 and a Floppy emulator.
Using DVI to HDMI connected to my multi purpose monitor(NES and N64 connected to the same monitor as the Amiga) LG Flatron M2350D.

Feeling both happy and looking forward to nice updates from Jens.
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