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Today I finally got a new monitor, so I installed my MK II and here are my results:

- The monitor is an Asus VH232, which has VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs
- I put the RF shield back, but I did not use the ground cable (is that the word for "Massekabel" ?)
- I got my A 1200 from a hardware wizard involved with the Kryoflux project (lucky me), so it was very clean inside and installation was easy even for a person like me whose only hardware skill is being able to take it apart and put the thing back together again

NTSC: - does not work: it's always "out of range", maximum vertical frequency is listed as 75 Hz, which is below the Indy's 76 Hz for that mode

PAL: - always works (I tried up to SuperHires Laced)
* the VGA port gives me the vertical stripes other people have observed earlier
* DVI looks shockingly good, sharp and no stripes !

- no apparent heat problems, picture stays stable (have tested for 1.5 hours)
- the normal RGB out still works like before
- a GVP 030 accelerator and a CF hard drive are installed, no space conflict with the Indivision, however the RF shield needed an extra cut for the cable (which was already in there, since the previous owner had an MK I in there).

So far, I only tried Workbench software, but I mostly use the Amiga for programming anyways.
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