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Update: I disassembled my A1200 from E/Box tower, put mainboard on a table and pushed Indivision on Lisa chip. It works now!

I've tested it for a while with Compaq CRT monitor:
- Early Startup Menu works OK,
- WB in Hires 640x256 works OK,
- WB in Hires Laced 640x512 - interlace is gone but when something is moving on the screen (mouse pointer) it looks like it's interlaced,
- Low Res game (Alien Breed 3d) works OK,
- Super Hires and Super Hires Laced are displayed but with many artefacts.

There is also "info" displayed in the left corner of the screen every time when screen mode is changed. Quite annoying but maybe config tool will let to turn it off
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