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I'm using a Samsung 4:3 LCD Monitor and i don't experience any problems with the image, i'm using highgfx driver, the only thing i noticed is that it is a little slow in a 1024x768 256 colour environment and the image in the games is cut in half, i can't center the image. In workbench works perfectly now i'm trying to put a heatsink on alice and on top of indi.
One question, do you guys only put a fan on top of them or you use a actual heatsink?
If i use the smallest hestsink i could found (it has 1 cm thick) on top of alice the keyboard won't fit properly, instead if i just put the fan on top it fits perfectly (it has 0,5 cm), any suggestions?
Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Your observation confirms what I wrote earlier in this thread: The vertical lines are caused by a difference between the pixelclock used by Indivision AGA MK2 and the pixelclock that the flatscreen is using. This shifts the sample-spot in relation to the actual pixel, giving the effect that you're seeing.

You will be able to completely eliminate the vertical lines with the forthcoming config tool, as that will let you configure the output mode to a Vesa standard. The sampled pixels of the flatscreen will then be "on the spot" where Indivision AGA MK2 produces them, and you'll have a crystal clear picture. That same crystal-clear picture is already possible if you're using the DVI connection - a purely digital connection does not require any sampling and thus doesn't have the artefacts that come with sampling.

Hi Jens!

Do you have any prediction on when the config tool and the new cores will be ready?
Is it hard to flash the indi?

Sorry for the questions but i want to make everything perfect, i already ruined one 1200 with experiences and i don't want to do the same with this one.
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