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OK, I think i'll be good for 100 disks (£88 delivered if customs dont catch it), but if someone in the UK wants to team up for a joint effort to further bring down the delivery costs let me know. assuming the pricing structures for disks and postage here's what we could save:

ONE person buying for themselves 100 disks is £88 delivered or £105 if caught by customs)

if two of us buy 100 disks each, it'll be $107 each (£66 or £79.20 if caught by customs)

4 of us buying 100 each would be $75 each (£46 or £55 if caught by customs)

and so on.... these are brand new, not NOS... so should give at least another 20 years of life, they are also totally wiped and unformatted so no trace of FAT filesystems to give a complete fresh start to the disk.

any takers?

*numbers are just rounded examples... i can get exact figures when i know how many of us will go for it, including delivery costs from my place to all of you.

I welcome other more trusted folk here to take on the ordering and big delivery and redistribution if people wish, too.

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