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Post Freeze with flickerfixer and ACA-1231 present

Have just installed the flickerfixer and tested with a couple of demos - picture is crisp and clear: good hardware for good computers ;-)

Two additional comments so far:
  • In State of the Art by Spaceballs/ WHDLoad the A1200 freeze every time with a moderate whining noise and slight graphics curruption only when the flickerfixer and the ACA-1231 is present. It runs fine with either of the two.
  • The Individual Computers logo is nice and probably also helpful for debugging what is going on, but it also appears every time resolution/ frequencey is changed. This can be annoying when watching a demo like Desert Dreams. In future versions it would be nice with the option to omit it or only show it on boot time.
Nb. the ACA-1231/42 is installed and there was massive graphics corruption before doing the "more complicated timing fix" of the three timing fixes summed up by Schoenfeld.

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