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I have a A1200 with Blizzard 1260@50mhz running OS3.9-bb2.

I use the indivision mk2 on a old 4/3 lcd monitor with the highres 1024*768 (with DVI=>VGA adaptor). I use bblank, it help the monitor to do a better sync. The image is clean, I am vey happy of the result in VGA. I am just waiting to buy a dvi 16/9 monitor to have a cleaner image and more space on the workbench, when all will be fixed with the flash...

I tried with 256 colors, it runs slowly. With 128 colors, it is acceptable but also not that quick, but quick enough to work with.. I am thinking to pass my cpu to 66mhz as I have a rev6.... This will probably make a speed difference with 128 or 256 colors modscreen.

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