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As for why the default icons are different, it's because each user has their own personal profile settings stored in their own folder. Check out the sub-folders under Documents and Settings and you'll see what I mean.
I think he means WORKBENCH, not the desktop

Individual profile on the PC wouldn't impact the WB desktop, I wouldn't think.

What we're not told is - HDF file or PC directory? I could maybe see this if you were using directories, but not with HDFs.

What is cacls? I've never heard of this. Best way to reset permissions is via Explorer. Highlight the directory/file, right-click, click properties, click the Security tab. Add his account and tinker with the permissions. READ, EXECUTE, LIST are essential. WRITE is needed too, or everything will be in read-only mode. This could adversely affect WB, and a lot of games won't like it.
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