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I'm necro posting in this thread as I've just recieved word from smrsoftware that the factory producing brand new DSDD disks will likely cease soon.

email is as follows:

Thanks for writing. When shipping internationally, we usually utilize the
post office. The US Post Office offers a "Priority Mail" service to other
countries which delivers in 6 - 10 days at a fairly economical price. For
disk shipments of 50 to 300 pieces, we use a special "Flat rate" box
provided by the post office, this service costs $47.95.

When shipping 50 disks, the insurance provided with this service is
adequate. For 100 disks, please add $5 for additional insurance. For 200
disks, please add $7.50 for additional insurance.

Since you mention that you might need more later, I should mention that our supplier has informed us that we might not be able to get these manufactured in the future. We have 12,000 disks at this time, but we may be unable to offer this product soon.

Our shopping cart only offers UPS Shipping. If you wish to order and ship
through the post office, please reply with your complete mailing address. I
will create a PayPal invoice for you. Upon payment of the invoice, we can
usually ship same day.

EDIT - i'm wondering if anyone in the UK would be interested in a joint purchase for a few thousand before they dry up

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