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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
A-Eon are moving web sites. AmigaKit are swamped with Indivision Mk II orders. Give them a little while and they will reply. Alternatively, you could try and contact Trevor Dickinson (A-Eon founder) through his user name is TrevorDick.
Thanks for that, I did eventualy get a response which mentioned the Pre-order page further up in the posts - so I used it.

I left a message for Trevor here which was read but not responded to, I can't help but think It might be the same person now who posted the false message about one of the Amiga Business's folding

Ill try and get hold of Trevor on AmigaWorld, we both live in New Zealand and although I am a bit of a night owl hopefuly he'll keep the same sort of general hours I do.

Got to give it to the Trevor the man has kept the faith - and has some cahonaes for getting into this project, I personaly support him and hope others would too just on the basis its his money and reputation at stake trying to provide us Amigans with a resonably up to date forward path.
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