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Oh God! I hate disobedient machines!!

Thanks for the idea Jmmijo,

I have used the command prompt and run the cacls proggy to change the permissions he has for this directory to full.

(cacls winuae /G matthew:F).

it says "Are You Sure?".
I say "Yes"
it says its done.

I run WINUAE from his account, and guess what - NO BLOODY DIFFERENCE!! - AAARGH

I have noticed something that maybe i should've mentioned earlier - the icons on his workbench are different to mine (although he just has a shortcut to the same WinUAE I use). i.e the workbench HD icons are the default ones, even though I have changed them to be pretty harddrive picture type ones. Also the icons in the games are different (I just get the little tiny square that represents glowicons (I think?)). And the icons to my own programs are default ones that open up Multiview instead of Devpac.
Now I am baffled.
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