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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
All classic Amiga computers have Kickstart inside rom, you can load different version from floppy but if you reset your machine you have original Kickstart again.
Not quite true..
The Amiga 1000 doesn't have kickstart in ROM.
It requires a floppy to load the kickstart. (Unless you've applied an after-market hardware tweak to add kickstart in ROM)

s2325 is correct that no Amiga's after the 1000 require a kickstart floppy; they have kickstart in ROM.
In fact, none of them can use the Amiga 1000's kickstart floppy. They won't know what to do with that disk..

That said, if your Amiga has kickstart 3.0 in ROM (or whatever) and you have a game that "needs" an older version, there are floppies out there called "degraders" (relokick was the first one I used) that will let you boot to an older version of the kickstart. Those disks are not the Amiga 1000 kickstart disks..

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