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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
i've glued a few small fans to the underside of the grill above the keyboard. the air gets sucked in under the front lip of the unit where there is a small grill. so basically the air enters under the front lip of the amiga, passes across the motherboard and is blown out the top. to make it more efficient i sealed the underside of the grill around the fans with paper and cellotape to stop the air just being sucked in and back out of the top of the unit.

just make a splitter cable to take some power from the floppy connector. you can make a temperature sensor quite easily if you've had soldering experience to make the fans quiet when not needed. someone else on here has done just that.
Thx for your reply. I don't have any soldering skills, but squeezing a fan inside the A1200 might be possible. I still have a cable which connected to the floppy drive and the same cable has a connector to power a 3,5 inch HD. But I'm using cf-hd's now. Could I use this cable for powering a small fan? And can you give me any tips on where to get this fan?

Can you post a picture btw? I'm curious to see how this looks like.
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