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Originally Posted by Riempie View Post
Well, I received my package today. 2x Indivision A1200, MAS player evolution, and boingball mouse I even got an amiga future magazine for free Am I the only one who got this? Or is it because I've spend so much money on amiga hardware the last 2 years? Thx Amigakit!

So I immediately installed the indivision in my AT A1200 (with a dvi-hdmi adapter), rev 2b motherboard, aca 56mhz and 4gb cf hd. I was overwhelmed by the great picture! Amazing! Then I started a WHDload game. All games crashed after a few seconds. I forgot to connect the grounding cable, so I connected this and fired up the amiga again. Upper RF-shield still off.. Everything went smooth now.... for about half an hour... I experience the same issues like p@arity. The workbench icons get distorted and then after a while random crashes. I had these issues before even without the indivision but I already solved this by placing a small heatsink on Alice. But now these issues are back Placing more heatsinks is not an option. The heat seems to be the problem though.

I still need to modify the upper rf shield and put this back on which may fix these issues. But the amiga ran fine without it before so I doubt this will solve anything.

Is it ok btw to have the cf-hd (also bought from amigakit) lying on top of the indivision? The cf-hd has some nice plastic and glue-like stuff underneath so I guess this should not be any problem.

If this doesn't help then I'll test the second indivision on 1 of my other 3 A1200's to see which one will be stable. This will take a lot of time

But I must say the product looks very nice, so I would like to thank Jens for making this possible.
Did you also install the "Trial1_71MHz_PAL_NTSC" core?
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