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So this is my experience so far!.. I installed Indivision last friday and connected one of my DVI-monitors. NO picture displayed, "out of sync". So I tried another one, same result, and finally my projector with DVI/HDMI-adapter, same result.

So I picked a monitor which has VGA connector and used standard DVI/VGA-adapter. The monitor light up and displayed the screen nicely. Tried a couple of VGA-connected monitors, all TFT/LCD and every single VGA-connected monitor worked.

Though, I got some "vertical" lines, which probably has something to do with alignment or something. This is a common problem with FlickerFixers that is not correctly tuned to match a monitor. I guess this problem will be fixed.

I've tried to flash with the files distributed by Joerg this thread. I still got no luck with DVI (neither of the trial-cores works with DVI). 71mhz_PAL_NTSC works nicely, with VGA-connected monitors, but I got some strange graphical bugs on icons etc. I am back with the original flash again.

Anyway, its a nice product, quite easy to install .. I will go to a 2nd hand-store tomorrow to try to find a nice CRT-monitor to play with.

- Greets!

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