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I installed my 1200 ff this morning... Upgraded to the latest core and added a heatsink to Alice as recommended. The system runs standard PAL hi-res (not super high res) using the DVI port.

It seems to run games fine, but after a few hours the workbench icons start to get some distortions. One time the screen suddenly 'flipped' into a weird mode where horizontal lines appeared and the clock (ACA accelerator) jumped a day and a few hours ahead. After a soft reset everything went back to normal (even the clock) for a while. After a bit more testing, the system started hanging (power led blinking) and gurus were starting to appear. The system worked fine with the ACA accellerator by itself, but the WB was never in High Res.

I'll work thru the issues with the vendor, but was wondering if anyone else has seen this?
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