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hi P-J,
a user has written about your project on a german retro games site, and i just read, what you are about to develop here.
man, as a thirty something, who played the lotus games on the amige 500 when they came out, i can tell you, your idea rocks big time.

my suggestion is to make a game as near to the originals as possible.
of course some of the ideas mentioned here are very cool, but they should be available as an option, not as a must.

please make this game run on android and keep in mind, that a lot of mobile phones have smaller resolutions. mine has 480 x 320 for example.
and dont forget about a touch screen steering possibility, as i cant stand tiliting the phone around all the time.

if one day i will be able to play lotus on my mobile phone thanks to you, you will be my personal hero, and i will be very thankfull.
can you tell, when the game will be done?

btw: i would be willing to pay for that game, if neccessary, but i will gladely donate anyway, as i read you consider not to take money for it, you noble guy

greetings from berlin, mate!

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