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Trial cores - use at your own risk


here's three trial cores. They are strictly experimental and may be dangerous to first-generation multisync monitors. The 100MHz and 107MHz cores display PAL, NTSC and especially the DBL modes in such high frequencies that early-generation multisync monitors may be destroyed. You have been warned.

Only flash one of these cores if you have a way back: You should have a 15kHz monitor as a backup to see the flashtool. There is no way to "try before you flash", because the FPGA can only be loaded from flash, so you should have a display solution available that works even if your monitor cannot display what Indivision AGA MK2 is showing.

The 71MHz core has the picture shifted to the left and the overall line length reduced. It should be much better for PAL and NTSC, as the filename states. However, with the display-start shifted that far, HighGFX, HD720 and XTREME are cut off on the left. This should clarify that there's no way around the flashtool which lets you tweak and save settings for every screenmode individually.

The 100MHz core displays XTREME SHires-laced in 57Hz. This one has the picture shifted right again, so it's not cut off at the left. The same positioning is in the 107MHz core, and this one outputs XTREME SHires-laced in 61Hz. Both these modes display even on my most-piccy Dell monitor, although they still don't match any common panel size.

Once again, these cores are experimental and potentially dangerougs to your CRT monitor.


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