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Novacoder, question:
I just downloaded ScummVM AGA 030 1.3.1 from Aminet.
I installed it over the top of my current ScummVM.

I lost my config; no biggie, I only had 2 games there.

But when I try to ADD Full Throttle, it keeps saying no data found.
(Could not find any games in the specified directory)

It's the same path I was playing (well, I have an ACA1230/28, so playing might be a stretch) Full Throttle with. In fact, I used it last night.

I can see the files.

Not sure what it might or might not be looking for??

(I think most the the files i have are upper case..)


Hold on!! I might have accidentally moved files when I was playing around last night..

Let me try to re-copy them....

Yeah, missing files.. (Actually, not missing files)


Tried to sync them, still not finding Full Throttle.
(It did find Sam-N-Max tho, so it looks like ScummVM is working)

Recopying the entire CD now..

File copy taking forever, but I took a look at the directory on my laptop, and it's not complete either.
I originally downloaded it from somewhere, which worked on the PC, but not the Amiga with sound.
I then discovered that the sound file in the archive I had downloaded was monster.sof, not monster.sou.
So I copied that from my original CD (which I had finally found).

Not sure why it's not working now.
When the full copy from the CD is done, I'll test that, but it's REALLY SLOW copying.. ;-)

OK, copied the whole CD to my Amiga, I still can't ADD Full Throttle.
I can (and did) add Sam-N-Max tho..

Not sure what's up..


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