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Well mine arrived today, fell off my chair that Parcel Farce actually got it right!! Thanks to Jens and team and all the bods @ Amigakit

Installed without a problem. Managed to get my RF shield back on without cutting anything and put some anti-static plastic between it and the Indi, re-routed the ribbon cable so the keyboard/floppy fits and the case clips back together

Using a borrowed VGA monitor (AOC 19W) so using a DVI>VGA adapter, games load fine albeit centering is off (expected). Tried HighGFX and that's OK. Had problems with some Higher PAL modes not displaying though. Also some programs like Audio-Master and Imploder display a black screen with a few lines so looks like the monitor isn't liking whatever screenmode it uses!! Left Amiga + M pops workbench back so I can drag the window down and see the program running, same problem I had when using the Commodore VGA adapter!

Tried it on my Dell 24" via DVI and the picture is fantastic but offset as mentioned previously, still cant set DblPAL modes and still same problem with Audio-Master/Imploder, the Dell pops up a message saying the input timings are not supported but doesn't show what they are!! Funnily, Left Amiga + M doesn't make the Dell pop the workbench screen back? If I turn it off/on then it displays fine.

No doubt there will future posts/solutions to these issues when the config tool is fully mature, so all we can do is wait
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