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Originally Posted by Allen1 View Post
Hi there alenppc and welcome to the forum and as you mentioned it is full of people with a passion for their Amiga's

There are still people who want to build their 1200's etc into a tower, maybe if its in fair to good condition you could sell or dispose of the case you have on here or Amibay as there are members from America and Canada too (I know Amibay has anyway). Like you I prefer the original case for a 1200 but for others the chance to expand the 1200 is what floats their boat and cases are hard to find

All the best,

This case is a monstrosity. It's a full tower PC case with special backplate and cutting on the back for the 1200 motherboard. It's heavy as hell, and the worst part is, the cover is all one piece which makes it hell to remove and put back on.
On top of that it's very ugly and extremely heavy. I don't think it's worth it, honestly. I think just the shipping costs would come to way more than it's worth. Having said that I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask if anyone wants it...
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