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I'm back

I am a long term amiga fan and the person behind most of the work done on my Italian Amiga Magazine archive website at, which I am still funding on my own, even though I've done very little work on it in the last few years.

I used to post regularly on and was away from the community for a few long years pursuing other interests, living a non-geek life and so on. Well, recently by pure coincidence I started looking at Amiga websites again out of curiosity to see what's been going on lately. This got my passion going again... I tried visiting again, but somehow it doesn't feel the same.

I knew about this board for a while, but never really visited much. After reading a few things here, I realized that this place is full of people with a lot of passion, interesting ideas and so on... which made me register... It's great to see the community still going strong in 2012.

I got my A600/030 fired up again, and now I feel as if I were 14 years old again. I can't wait to get home from work and sit in front of it. Except this time I have my PC laptop for browsing right next to it, but the combination works well.

I still have tons of Amiga hardware at home. Lots of A500s, 2 original 1986 NTSC A1000s (one so old that it doesn't even support the EHB mode!). True gems. Plus the networked 600 I mentioned earlier and soon a rebuilt A1200. Going to throw away the horrible PC tower case that housed it in the past decade and put it back in its original shell where it belongs.

Same for the towered A4000. I managed to recover its original case, the custom PC tower has gone to the garbage and I will be reassembling it in its original case. I also own a ton of assorted zorro cards, memory expansions and the like. I sold my PPC stuff a long time ago and let people who have patience deal with it. It's good to be back to the good old 68k, especially now that the PC compliments it.

I have (I would like to think) a fair amount of hardware knowledge that I learned over the years by reading the excellent Italian Amiga Magazine that I dedicated my website to. In fact, I think that a lot of the technical articles published there were invaluable: originally I would have wanted to translate them into English to make them more widely accessible, but that is something that would require way more time that I could possibly find.

All in all... it's good to be back!
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