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Post Amitopia update for american Amiga users!

Amitopia is a 16 to 24 pages thick Amiga magazine, wich
comes out 10 times a year.

Now, from 10th of January 2003, Amitopia is planning to
release a International Issue. This is a Issue wich will
be only in English and will contain lots of articles from
the Scandinavian version of the magazine. Either translated
or original articles from our writers in the US.

As Amitopia is sent thru the Atlantic ocean, it becomes
more expensive than it should, so Amitopia have decided to
contact with a publisher in US and we allready have a great
deal. Wich is good _ That means that Amitopia can be as
cheap as the Scandinavian version in USA.

For this to happend. Amitopia needs atleast 40 new subscribers
from USA. This isn't to much, so that should be easy to beat,
but thats up to you offcours.

* no extra waiting time!
* less to pay!
* International, means in English!

3 good reasons for getting Amitopia into your Mailbox, so
come on and do that! You will then get the most informative
Amiga magazine in the world! Try it! I hope you will!

mail: <--- your name and adress!

and to the end, I wish all of you a really nice Christmas and
offcourse a Happy New Year! Take Care and be nice to everyone.

AmiDelf aka Michal Bergseth, editor of Amitopia
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