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Thanks chris.

I just tried the DVI-HDMI lead on a Sony LCD tv we have, says the same "out of range" message as the cheapo little one.

not working through DVI-vga connector either!

WTF. I seem to have the most rotten luck!

something must be working though if it says "out of range" through hdmi though, otherwise it'd just say nothing like there's nothing plugged in.

Question: The DVI-HDMI lead i'm using is a really expensive one for DVI-D... it has all pins on the connector (unlike my DVI-VGA cable that has a dozen or so pins) . you don't suppose it's simply a matter of the choice of DVI-hdmi cable do you? do i need a simple passthrough rather than these expensive 30 quid(ish) do-hickeys with all the gold trimmings?

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