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I don't think the config tool has been released yet. The Picture looks fantastic in HD720 though!


That's what I wanted to hear about the RF shield. There isn't much detail in the manual on your problem, but it looks like you'll have to wait for the config tool as well. Here's some bits from the manual you're missing:

"You do not nee a drier to operate Indivision AGA, therefore we haven't included a disk. For adjustments, general configuration and possible flash-updates, we'll be providing programs and documentation on our website under "support" starting May/June 2012
There may be monitors - especially DVI monitors - that can't handle these frequencies as they are slightly non-standard. In this case, we're asking you to use a DVI->VGA adapter and use an analogue VGA monitor until we can provide the config-tool that lets you make the required adjustments to generate exact frequencies and screen sizes that your DVI monitor requires.

... Without the config-tool, you may only get a picture on a very good multisync-monitor for all screenmodes."

Hope this helps.

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