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tell you summin m8! my missus is a charity shop nut! the bloomin stuff i have seen in these shops is crazy.....

the other day i saw a shed load of atari xl games that appeared to be in mint condition! even the tape cases were still shiny and not cracked/scuffed etc!

a few months ago my younger brother picked up 12amiga games, you know those Kixx jobbies with the small cd size cardboard boxes... he didnt realise that they were amiga not pc so i got em... all for £2.50!!! they are in spanky condition aswell!

some years ago we had a Cash Convertors and when it was closing down i got a shed load of cd32 cd's for a £5! some were in a bad state tho! needed new cases and the sleeves were a bit manky... the cd's are fine tho and they work in my cd32

I just hope the current retro trend dont latch on to the charity shop/aladdin's cave thing cuzz all these will go very quickly and the prices will rise!
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