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How about a mint A1200 that wasnt opened up... it was hardly used and the box was perfect! it even smelt new!!! *All the warranty envelopes were still there aswell LOL!

i got an a500+ fully boxed and in the same condition with 2 amitek external drives - again almost as new and boxed!
loads of disks! a huge collection of boxed games that looked as if they came from a shop that day! they were perfect in every way... i got mice, joysticks, leads... everything was boxed and looked after so well it looked as good as the day it was made...

The guy wanted a quick sale so I walked out with all this stuff for £15 quid! Ive never got a bargain like that since and i doubt i ever will first thing i did was crack open the 1200 and nabbed the board for my tower stupid me i wish i left it alone as it was totally original!
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