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Smile Hello from Cardiff

Just a quick 'hello', and a couple of questions!

I've been a fairly regular poster on Amigaworld or Aros-Exec but not the classic Amiga forums. I've never had space for an Amiga in my flat and emulation never quite hit the spot for me (especially on the Mac). In the next few weeks I'm moving house and I finally have a permanent desk spot waiting for my A1200! At the moment, my Amigas are sat in boxes in my parents house. Occasionally I'll try to use them awkwardly on whatever surface I can find and remind myself how bad the TV modulator is, how my mouse doesn't work properly any more, or how half my disks don't load or need "Page 32 Line 4 Word 12" from a manual that's buried in another box...

My most beloved Amiga was an A500+ with GVP HD8+/52mb and a bunch of other random hardware. That was my main computer until I got a Mac in '97. I bought an A1200 a couple of years ago, along with Kickstart 3.1 and a network card, but it's never had much use. To celebrate the impending move, I've decided to buy some new goodies: an ACA-1231/42 accelerator, Indivision AGA Mk2 and CF adapter.

None of this is assembled yet, but I'm pretty excited about it! Despite playing with AROS, I'll be a bit of a newbie at the Amiga again, so a couple of questions:

* Can I install OS 3.9 from Amiga Forever on my real Amiga? I'm hoping I can install it on WinUAE, lha/zip the whole filesystem, FTP it to the A1200 and dump it over 3.0.

* When I install the CF adapter over the Indivision, do I need to keep the two apart, or will the CF adapter be happy just dangling about from the IDE cable as I see in photos? (sorry if this is a stupid question)

So, hello again. Already found loads of useful and interesting stuff on here!

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