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I saw a review in a game mag back in teh day and was quite interested in it, but I never owned the program. The idea of having a VHS tape as a tutorial packaged with the game must seem extremely archaic today Even though the HeroQuest-like board game "Dragon Strike" had one, too.

That being said, whenever I play a game that has an editor I tinker around with it for a while even though nothing really every comes out of it. I spent countless days making maps for Half-Life when it came out in 1998, and long before that I played around with the Empire Deluxe editor. It's always fun creating your own stuff.

the 3D Construction Kit has a certain charm on it's own, even without textures or lighting. The mono-color polygons can be very stylish when used carefully, as in this screenshot from one of the games from the website posted above. The red sky and blue buildings... good stuff!

Just a manner of choosing the right color palette
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